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Pastor Charles L. Price

Elder Charles L. Price serves as the Pastor of the Living Epistle Church of Chantilly, VA, with his wife Pamela S. Price at his side. Pastor Price is an anointed minister of the Gospel with a passion to teach the Word of God; and to be a living example that others will walk in the knowledge of God.

Elder Price attended Saints Academy, which is co-educational institution sponsored by Church of God in Christ COGIC) located in Lexington, MS. After graduation, Elder Price joined the United States Army; where he served for 10 years, and was stationed in TX, FL, GA, Germany, and Korea. During his tour of duty, Price received his BS degree in Computer Information Systems from Strayer University and A.A. Degree in Practical Theology from International Seminary in Orlando, Florida.

During a summer vacation in Chicago, IL, Elder Price met Pamela (Sharon) Abrams Lacey. Pamela shared that when she saw him her first thoughts were that, “he has pretty teeth and curly hair-mmm”. They immediately became fast friends and developed a long distant relationship. For five years, they maintained this close relationship until Elder Price learned that he was going to be stationed in Germany.

  He surprised Pamela when he called one night and asked for her hand in marriage. Pamela gladly accepted. Now, after 29 years, they have four loving children as a result of this blessed romance: Charles II, Avan, Charmaine and VonDelle, that participate fully with the work of Ministry.

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​Church Location :

4455 Brookfield Corporate Dr.

Chantilly, VA 20151

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